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The Real Personal Branding Podcast with Lauren V. Davis

What does it take to build a real personal brand? Welcome to The Real Personal Branding Podcast! I'm Lauren V. Davis, and I'm excited to bring you conversations with guests who share the real stuff. The personal stories, insights, celebrations, and sometimes even the chaos that it took to build their authentic and powerful business. Together we will build a magnetic personal brand that moves your perfect audience and drives you to success by your own measure. 

I am not interested in sharing the glossy highlight stuff. I want you to really know what it takes to build a real personal brand and to know you aren't alone.

I also want you to take away practical lessons you can apply. Get ready for insights, tips, and real-world examples from real entrepreneurs in various industries. How do you make a business that makes you money but also truly makes you happy? Listen and find out!

Part 1 with Emily Hirsh: Facebook Ads Don’t Have to Make You Cringe
Today on The Real Personal Branding Podcast, Lauren welcomes guest Emily Hirsh. She’s a leading digital marketing strategist, a young entrepreneur, and founder of Hirsh Marketing--one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies responsible for over $105 million in client revenue generated. Emily and her team of experts work with top-level influencers, game-changing entrepreneurs, and they […]
John Lee Dumas: Entrepreneurs Should Make and Keep Their Money
Today on The Real Personal Branding Podcast, John Lee Dumas, host of the award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire, is Lauren's guest. His podcast has more than 2,500 episodes, 1 million+ listeners a month, and he brings in a seven-figure annual revenue. In each podcast episode, he talks about exactly how they do this month-by-month, while […]
Brian Fanzo: Translating Tomorrow’s Trends, Leaning into Psychology & Empathy
In this episode, Lauren welcomes Brian Fanzo to the show. He built an incredible personal brand on the platform of digital futurism, but he started out in the corporate world. Brian Fanzo talks to Lauren about how he takes future concepts and adapts to them early. They also talk about how to transition from a […]
Equation: How Often Should I Post On Social Media
In this solo episode of THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING PODCAST, Lauren explains how often you should be posting to social media and why all of the tips surrounding how often to post to social media may not be right for you or your business. Instead, consistency is key. Lauren gives us three steps for getting […]
Kim Doyal: Stop Overthinking Content
Today's guest is Kim Doyal. Kim Doyal is a content-planning expert, and she really cares about getting to the heart of the realness of an entrepreneur and bringing it forward. She's an entrepreneur, a coach, speaker, and podcaster. She's also the co-founder of the Content Creators Planner, and she's built her lifestyle personal brand business […]
Sean Osborn: From Homeless and Washing Dishes to Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company
In the latest episode of The Real Personal Branding podcast, Sean Osborn joins Lauren for a candid chat about how Sean has built a personal brand on the platform of thinking big.   If you're feeling stuck, this is the episode for you. Sean is a mindset strategist and coach who specializes in taking people […]
Breonna Queen: Leverage Online Video and Build Your On-Camera Confidence
Today's guest is Breonna Queen. She is a go-to when Lauren wants to learn more about video. She teaches video but has also built her entire personal brand on the platform. In this episode, you'll learn how to get comfortable showing up on video, what to do to grow your YouTube viewers on the granular […]
Devin Marks: Craft Your Viral TED Talk with the TED Talk Whisperer
Devin Marks is the leading TED-style speaking coach in the U.S. He's called the TED Talk whisperer by clients and media outlets, and he has trained hundreds, including Harvard's Dr. Robert Waldinger for his breakaway TED Talk "What makes a good life?" That TED Talk now has 35 million+ views. The spread worthy ideas of […]
Kelly Baader: The Fastest Way to Master Your Focus, Multiply Your Results, and Gain an Unfair Advantage
Kelly Baader was born in Taiwan and has relocated seven times in the last 17 years. Today, she resides in Switzerland and tells Lauren in this interview that she has a “messed-up” accent, but Kelly Baader’s accent is a big part of her story. Her unwillingness to concede to the limits and barriers put in […]
Brooke Sellas: Think Conversations, Not Campaigns
Today on The Real Personal Branding Podcast, Lauren welcomes guest Brooke Sellas. Brooke Sellas is the founder and CEO of B Squared Media, an award-winning, done-for-you social media management, advertising, and customer care agency. She's also the co-host of the top-rated The Marketing Companion podcast with marketing legend Mark Schaefer. Her marketing mantra is, "Think […]
Mark Schaefer: Exactly How to Build Momentum when Being Great is Not Enough
Mark Schaefer is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, educator, business consultant, and author. He's built incredible momentum for his personal brand over a number of years. The world is noisy and can be overwhelming. How can entrepreneurs be heard and build momentum? Mark Schaefer will tell you where to start when you're trying to find your […]
Krista Mashore: Building a Personal Brand Empire and Becoming the Top 1% in Real Estate with Lead Gen
Krista Mashore has built an incredible personal brand in real estate, and Lauren welcomes her to the podcast for a conversation about financial-fitness and success. Krista also shares with Lauren how she became one of the highest performers in her industry by facing challenges head-on.   Krista is the author of four bestselling books focusing […]
Danny Ozment: Secrets Behind Producing, Monetizing, and Marketing Top Podcasts
Lauren welcomes Danny Ozment to the show. Danny is the founder of Emerald City Productions in Florida, which is a podcast production company that has produced many of the top business podcasts in the world.   To Sign Up for More Info on Lauren and Danny's Upcoming Collaboration:   He built a lucrative and […]
Amira Alvarez: 7 Steps to Selling with Integrity, and Making a Quantum Leap in Business
Amira Alvarez is the founder and CEO of the global coaching company The Unstoppable Woman helping empire-builders, entrepreneurs, and altogether rising stars in all of the fields achieve their goals and dreams faster than they ever thought possible. Amira recently made a quantum leap from making barely six figures a year to $700,000 in one […]
Lauren V. Davis: 5 Ways to Self-Audit Your Personal Brand Online This Weekend
  Lauren V. Davis is passionate about helping entrepreneurs discover their voice, define their goals, and increase their visibility online so they can build a magnetic business that makes them money and serves them with joy and purpose.   In this episode, you'll hear:   The questions your personal brand should answer when people see […]
Trish Taylor: Leaning Into Your True Brand Embodiment from a former Celebrity Stylist
Trish Taylor spent the early days of her career styling behind the scenes for artists like Ariana Grande on the Grammys, the VMAs, Golden Globes, and more. Lauren and Trish Taylor just met, so you'll hear two people getting to know one another as they talk about intuitive style, Trish Taylor's three style tips, and […]