Jody Maberry: Should you have a podcast?

Today on THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Jody Maberry is Lauren’s guest. They have a discussion about whether or not you should start a podcast, what it would be about, and Lauren shares some vulnerable insights into how she felt before starting her podcast. They also discuss some tactical ideas to get your creativity flowing.


Jody Maberry has hosted and produced more than 1,300 podcast episodes with nearly 3 million downloads. He’s worked with executives from Disney, the FBI, and more. He has a unique brand of believing in people to the point of no return.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  1. How Jody Maberry and Lauren initially connected.
  2. Why podcasting became his specialty and how he got started.
  3. Who the perfect candidate is for starting a podcast and why it isn’t the right platform for everyone.
  4. The tactical steps you can take to begin brainstorming and conceptualizing your own podcast.
  5. How you can bring more listeners to your podcast by using Jody Maberry’s strategic methods.
  6. Where his passion for entrepreneurs and helping them produce podcasts comes from.
  7. His non-negotiable habits and routines that helped set him up for success as a business owner.
  8. How producing a podcast can be a huge confidence boost and why it takes people by surprise.
  9. Jody Maberry’s biggest curiosity in podcasting right now and why it piqued his interest.
  10. The two common myths about podcasting that he wants to debunk.


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