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About Me

Lauren Davis
When I was 8 I started my first business collecting neighbors cans and recycling them.

From then on I had the entrepreneurial bug.

I started a babysitting and dog sitting business, taking CPR and training classes at the age of 11 so I could be the best there was.

I worked in my mom’s creative small bakery business as young as I could and watched my dad closely with admiration growing up as he worked as an economic developer helping businesses thrive.

I saw the impact that hard work and grinding away made from an early age.

From there I worked 3 jobs in high school, because settling for one wasn’t okay.

I was obsessed with working hard and couldn’t work enough. I began dreaming of doing my own thing, being a journalist in a big city like Sex and the City, helping people who didn’t have a voice.

I wanted to be a writer and that’s what I set out to do through high school into college. I moved out of my moms at age 19, met a boy named Skyler, and we began to cultivate a record store and gift shop called Culture Shock immediately.

To grow our own small business from nothing, and because we refused to fail, we realized we needed to start spreading the word. This began my natural love for branding, strategy, and marketing.

I started re-thinking my college track, taking business classes, marketing classes, and becoming a significantly committed graphic designer.

It was like a giant spring opened up in the middle of the forest of life and I dove in; it swallowing me whole. All I could think about was helping small local businesses like mine thrive.

Fast forward a few years and I still haven’t been able to get enough. My life is filled with learning opportunities and I eat them up every moment I get. I love to learn, I love to improve, I love to impress, and I love to give everyone I work with 100%.

I am grateful for the trust my friends and clients put in me to do great things, and that my job is something that chose me… and so happens to be what I truly love every day.

Fun facts about me:

I love Traveling, especially for work. I always come home with fresh ideas and perspective.

I used to want to be a professional musician. I played guitar, clarinet and sang in groups for many years.

I love coffee… If you ever want to bribe me.

If you want to know more about Culture Shock (our record store and boutique) check this out: