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Hello, if we’ve just met – I'm Lauren!

I help business owners, authors, leaders and speakers create a standout personal brand that’s completely true to themselves. Strong connections with your audience lead to lasting success, a profitable business, and long-term followers of your work.

Together we will create timeless and sustainable strategies to showcase your uniqueness on stage, online, and in real life to keep clients coming back.

The Best Part?

Our work together won’t go out of style, become irrelevant, or expire because we build everything around YOU.

But Who Am I?

I’m me. I always aim to be generous with genuine love and enthusiasm. I’m passionate about buying small/local anywhere I am because I know the impact that supporting small businesses has not only for the business but for the economy. I love to actively listen to music (owned a record store for 15+ years) and I’ve been told I make great playlists. A glass of red wine every night makes me so happy, and quality time with my favorite people where I get to ask questions and really hear them is what I would spend every day the rest of my life doing. Traveling, tasting new foods, listening, and learning are special for me.

What does that have to do with what I offer?

1 to 1 Personal Brand Coaching:

Remember how I talked about quality time? When I work with you 1:1 I get to ask the questions that help successful people like yourself become more memorable. Together we can build the foundation and game plan for your growing business, increase your income and memorability, create relatable content, and produce a more aligned and profitable business.

1 to 1 Speaker Coaching:

Great speakers aren't just made in rehearsals. It's how they connect with others that makes them memorable. With my years of experience as a speaker, conference organizer, and speaker consultant, I coach speakers to create a successful business by being genuine every step of the way through my Memorable Speaker program.

Corporate Group Training:

Employees on average have 10x more followers than their company's brand which can create a HUGE impact if properly utilized. Over the years developing listening skills have helped me learn to break down big concepts into digestible ideas to encourage employee and employer engagement in personal branding.

Lauren Davis

Public Speaking

Building relationships is very important. It's one of my favorite topics to discuss. I'm passionate about talking about the importance of building community, personal branding, and using social media effectively. These topics are all connected and play a crucial role in establishing a strong presence in today's interconnected world.

Mastermind and Accelerator:

Building community warms my heart. Learning and sharing at an accelerated pace in these nourishing limited group programs that I host and co-host allows me to spend time getting to know you more.

The beautiful thing about a personal brand that you don’t contrive is that it’s YOU! Falls, losses, wins each contributed to showing up as myself and helping others. If you want to chat about working together, please use my calendar to schedule a call!