The Real Personal Branding podcast with Lauren V Davis is your VIP access to thought-leaders, speakers, authors, coaches and the secrets behind how they built their personal brand businesses.

I believe the transformation in your business starts with relationships and communication as the foundation of your personal brand.

I believe there is an un-escapable power in building a personal brand that shows up optimally for your people. It’s an essential tool to your personal development and success of your business.

For entrepreneurs who want to build their audience and leadership, there is no better way than through building and marketing your relationship-driven personal brand.

This podcast will show you how.


Bring Branding to Life at Your Next Event!

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3 Basic Public Speaking Tips to do 24 hours before your next speaking gig
These 3 Basic Public Speaking Tips to do 24 hours before your next speaking gig...This will help you with more confidence on stage, better connection with the audience as a speaker, more conversion of the audience into REAL relationships and revenue and a better ability to actually help your audience learn something from you.
Lauren Davis
Social Media Coaching with Lauren V. Davis
Over the last year, so many have downloaded my 100 High Engaging Social Media Prompts strategically building your personal brand on Social Media and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. If we haven't connected on Instagram yet, let's connect!  Please DM me ! It's me, and ONLY ME over on my IG, so when you message me, […]
Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Summit: Should you attend?
Last weekend I attended Youpreneur Summit in London, UK. The event is the brainchild of the UK thought leader, author, podcaster, personal branding entrepreneur, Chris Ducker. Its the second Youpreneur Summit I have attended (there has only been 3 total.)   (Photo: Chris Ducker's Facebook page)   2018 was my first time– Honestly, my focus […]
Seth Godin, Digital Summit Chicago, conference, marketing conference
Takeaways and Review of Digital Summit Chicago [Aug 2019]
In August 2019 I attended Digital Summit Chicago Marketing Conference. Here is my Digital Summit Chicago Review in 2019. Digital Summit is essentially a marketing conference tour. They have around 20 different cities that they host a summit in, while also having an internet summit as well. A few speakers change in each location, and […]
Networking Tools and Tips
Tools and tips to ease the fear of networking
I am really a socially-awkward introvert (INFJ & Enneagram 2) hiding inside the body of what you think is an extroverted social butterfly. Let's talk about this thing we say. “Networking is so scary." "Ehh, I am not cut out for that” "Networking is annoying." I hear this a lot.   I understand you. I […]
How to write your next 12 Posts, to increase engagement and connection on Instagram
If you know me as a person, you know that I am bad at small talk, and I can't lie about anything. I show every damn thing on my face. Those are two traits I have had forever. They are carried through my business and it seems to be the reason I am able to […]
Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield – One of my absolute favorites
Who is your favorite person to consume online marketing content from? My favorite of all time is absolutely Amy Porterfield. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Here are a few reasons why she is one of my favorites, and will probably be your favorite too.  1. Easy to Listen to: I've always felt like the way Amy delivers content and tells a […]
How Important are Mobile-Friendly Posts?
 #TIPTUESDAY:   Did you know 189 million Facebook users are considered "Mobile Only?"   With a tech-centric generations increasing and the versatility of smart phones that are being used from anyone 7 years old to 70 years old and beyond... It's important that you make sure EVERYTHING is mobile friendly on your social media accounts, website, […]
My First Time Attending Social Media Marketing World [2017]
  As an advocate for indie business owners and as a business owner myself, I've always believed that there are two different types of businesses. The first type of business owner believes that when they put forth the effort to start a business, they deserve to have customers. This business will sometimes be successful from […]
Why do I need a Vector Logo?
Without a doubt, one of the most important parts of your business, band, or personal brand: Your Vector Logo   What is a vector logo? Bear with me.... “Vector graphics files store the points, lines, shapes, curves and colors that make up an image as mathematical formulae. High quality logos are always designed in vector […]
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