Joseph Bojang: Get Unstuck and Experience a Marketing Breakthrough

Today’s guest on the podcast is Joseph Bojang. Joseph Bojang has built a business in paid digital marketing and SEO, and he always digs a little deeper into everything he’s doing to ask himself, “Why does this work the way it works?”


Joseph Bojang helps companies generate leads on demand, and he’s worked with everyone from multibillion-dollar corporations to mom-and-pop shops. He’s figured out some of the key ways to think differently about marketing so that you can get results and successfully repeat the process. He shares with us how you can have your next marketing breakthrough, why he believes people don’t get the marketing results they want, and how to get unstuck in your marketing.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  1. How Joseph Bojang became a digital marketing entrepreneur after working in nonprofits for several years.
  2. What it takes to become unstuck and the steps you can take today to have a breakthrough.
  3. Why you need to have a mindset open to critique, find solutions, and innovate.
  4. How alignment in your personal brand prevents you from being canceled.
  5. The reason your marketing isn’t getting results.
  6. The steps you can take to find your message and convert your target market.
  7. Joseph Bojang’s surprise at the community on YouTube and Instagram, their interaction with his brand, and how authenticity has helped engagement.
  8. How researching entrepreneurship is impacting his mindset about business ownership.
  9. Why achieving efficiency and organization has helped Lauren within her business before she attempts to scale it further.
  10. The reason he wants to debunk the myth of “lambros” and “boss babes” because it leads to a lack of boundaries between business life and personal life.


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