Equation: How Often Should I Post On Social Media

In this solo episode of THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING PODCAST, Lauren explains how often you should be posting to social media and why all of the tips surrounding how often to post to social media may not be right for you or your business. Instead, consistency is key. Lauren gives us three steps for getting started and the LDC goal equation you need for social media.


In this episode, you'll hear:


  1. Why we desire fast results but they may not yield the greatest reward for your brand or business.
  2. How to find your business goal for social media and optimize it.
  3. Why posting consistently is the secret sauce--not the number of posts.
  4. Lauren's advice for choosing a habit to measure and why quality matters over quantity.
  5. Decide on a period of time you will measure your goal for and how you want to assess it.
  6. How the big picture for your social media affects how you grow your business and sharing your gifts with the world.
  7. Why your goals need to be attainable and reasonable.
  8. The LDC goal equation for measuring social media results.


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