The Real Personal Branding podcast with Lauren V Davis is your VIP access to thought-leaders, speakers, authors, coaches and the secrets behind how they built their personal brand businesses.

I believe the transformation in your business starts with relationships and communication as the foundation of your personal brand.

I believe there is an un-escapable power in building a personal brand that shows up optimally for your people. It’s an essential tool to your personal development and success of your business.

For entrepreneurs who want to build their audience and leadership, there is no better way than through building and marketing your relationship-driven personal brand.

This podcast will show you how.

How Holly MacCue Banked $47k in 6 weeks Without a Single Promo

Today on THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Holly MacCue is a sales and messaging coach and a certified master persuader. With more than a decade of experience working as a marketing strategist for global brands like Unilever and P&G, she used that knowledge and built her own six-figure business while working on it part-time. She helps entrepreneurs monetize their magic by doubling their prices, selling five-figure packages, and creating an offer that serves the world with their unique gifts.


In this episode, Holly MacCue shares the right way to sell with social media, how she banked $47,000 in six weeks without promo emails or social media posts, and how to get clear about your messaging.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  1. How a quarter-life crisis led Holly MacCue to pivot from her career as a corporate branding strategist to becoming an entrepreneur.
  2. Why trusting yourself is so important and how leaning into your particular area of brilliance can lead to success.
  3. Her advice for standing out for the right reasons when you’re trying to be true to who you are while making sales.
  4. How to avoid forced authenticity when selling via direct messages.
  5. A tactical first step you can take to own your own brilliance.
  6. The steps Holly MacCue took to bank $47,000 in six weeks and how you can apply those steps to your own business.
  7. The fundamentals entrepreneurs should know in order to tell potential clients about your business.
  8. The top things you should consider when you’re deciding on your business niche.
  9. How she continues to grow and learn in her business and why it’s important to continue your education.
  10. Why you don’t need to have a huge audience to build a successful business.
  11. The myth Holly MacCue wants to debunk about the sales and messaging and positioning industry.


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