Finding Happy with Dr. Ellen Wong, Real Personal Branding Podcast

In this episode of the REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Lauren’s guest is Dr. Ellen Wong. They explore Ellen's expertise in the pillars of happiness, her journey as an entrepreneur, and her personal struggle with anxiety and depression. Lauren and Ellen also delve into the importance of understanding true happiness and how it can create a better world. The conversation touches on authenticity, purpose, setting boundaries with social media, finding inner peace, and the value of social connection and conversation for overall well-being. Ellen shares her routines and debunks the myth surrounding countries with high rates of antidepressant use.

Dr. Ellen Wong is a happiness expert, and naturopathic doctor specializing in supporting entrepreneurs and executives. She is passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their own happiness and improve their emotional resilience. Ellen developed the nine pillars of happiness, a signature framework that guides her work. Her journey as an entrepreneur began as a clinician, and through her personal experiences with anxiety and depression, she discovered the transformative power of happiness in her own life. Ellen emphasizes the importance of aligning personal values, embracing authenticity, and prioritizing meaningful activities to cultivate purpose and impact.

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