Balance, Boundaries, Grief and Business with Laura Girard | Real Personal Branding Podcast with Lauren V. Davis, for entrepreneurs, public speakers, business owners

On today’s episode of the REAL Personal Branding podcast, Lauren sits down with New York City-based online fitness coach Laura Girard. Laura is a multi-certified personal trainer, co-host of the Fit Literate podcast, and founder of The Energy Academy - a global virtual fitness studio where she's helped over 200 people keep their bodies moving since March 2020. She is passionate about harnessing the connective power of social media to create community and start conversations about growth, self-compassion, and the messy business of babysitting yourself.

During their conversation, Lauren and Laura unpack how she found a passion for building a personal training business during the pandemic. That discovery began from a place of fear and a need to support herself and transitioned into a business Laura wanted to sustain and found purpose in. They also discuss the struggle to have confidence in your accomplishments, such as the global brand Laura is establishing.

As they continue exploring Laura’s personal brand and what it took to build the business, Laura explains how connecting with others experiencing loss online helped her cope with grief when she lost her mom in 2020. Creating balance in her life is crucial, and putting daily “non-negotiables” into her routine are just some of the things Lauren and Laura chat about. 

Laura Girard’s path to success as a brand began out of necessity, but today, she’s proof of what you can accomplish through authenticity, hard work, and maintaining boundaries.


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