Use Incremental Changes to Improve Your Life with Jake A Thompson on The Real Personal Branding Podcast for Business Owners, Keynote Speakers, Personal Brands, and Personal Development

Today on THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Lauren welcomes Jake A. Thompson. Jake is a keynote speaker and a Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day, a brand he started in 2011 by first selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. He works with organizations and individuals around the country, teaching them how to develop focus habits and culture in order to grow their businesses and their individual lives. He’s built a proven CE3 model to help people build their grit, block out their distractions, and create more influence as impactful leaders.


Jake shares early leadership lessons from working at his dad's gas station and his journey from wanting to be a sports agent to becoming a sought-after motivational speaker and executive coach, driven by a desire to make a positive impact. He discusses starting the Compete Every Day brand to encourage personal improvement through small actions and gives tactical advice for being intentional and self-aware.


The conversation focuses on setting goals, reflecting on past accomplishments, and the individuality of routines and goals. Lauren and Jake also discuss the significance of outgrowing unhelpful relationships and not letting the fear of others' opinions hinder personal goals. Jake emphasizes the need for proper training and development for new leaders and shares tips for effective team leadership, while Lauren highlights the importance of caring for team members and building relationships.


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