Who are you, what are you doing with Molly Grisham

Today on THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Lauren’s guest is Molly Grisham. She built a personal brand business around her business of leadership. She’s a dynamic keynote speaker and an experiential facilitator who helps to build and sustain teams in a wide variety of industries and THIS FALL Molly and Lauren will be hosting a retreat together for entrepreneurial women!

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Molly Grisham believes that teams don’t grow apart--they die apart. She knows that elite, high-performing teams in all industries get stretched and stressed by the demand to perform, and she is passionate about helping people rediscover their strengths and restore their relationships so they can rebuild individually and within teams.


Molly Grisham has nearly two decades of experience as a former NCAA college soccer coach and communications professor, she approaches her work as an educator. She meets people where they are and helps them to move to where they want to be. She holds several degrees, is a Certified Experiential Specialist with the International Society of Experiential Professionals, and she’s a certified Myers-Briggs facilitator.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  1. Molly Grisham’s background as an educator and coach, how she became an entrepreneur, and what an average day looks like for her.
  2. The four questions to consider when you’re evaluating how to improve your team.
  3. Why it’s so important to do interpersonal work as an entrepreneur, how it can transform your business, and why doing this work in a group with others has so much value.
  4. How to overcome your fears and make positive changes to your life and business, who her and Lauren’s upcoming live event is for, and how Molly and Lauren will know it was a success.
  5. What you can look forward to at the event Molly Grisham and Lauren are hosting in October in St. Louis, Missouri.


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Connect with Molly Grisham here:


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