Lauren V. Davis: 5 Ways to Self-Audit Your Personal Brand Online This Weekend


Lauren V. Davis is passionate about helping entrepreneurs discover their voice, define their goals, and increase their visibility online so they can build a magnetic business that makes them money and serves them with joy and purpose.


In this episode, you'll hear:


  1. The questions your personal brand should answer when people see it online.
  2. Why authenticity should shine through your personal brand.
  3. How you can increase your online presence, influence and brand.
  4. Why a logo isn't the best photo for your online accounts and what you should use instead if you are building your personal brand.
  5. What your bio means to your online audience and why consistency is vital.
  6. How rogue accounts can sabotage your personal brand.
  7. Why you should use Google alerts to alert you when your name or business name is published.


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