How I Was Asked on to 70+ Stages, Summits, Podcast Interviews, and Masterclasses

In Lauren's latest solo episode, she outlines how she was invited to speak on stages, summits, podcast interviews, and masterclasses. Initially, it was a goal … and then she got to work on making it happen.


In this episode, you'll hear:


  1. Where some of Lauren's most recent appearances were and who they were with.
  2. How Lauren gets in front of audiences without losing sight of who she is and how she does things.
  3. Make friends without expectations. Real relationships cannot be forced.
  4. Why you should create relationships that are aligned with you and aligned with your values. Lauren created these genuine friendships and business relationships with people she actually cared about.
  5. How she showed gratitude online and developed relationships as a peer. 
  6. Why she took photos of speakers on stage and sent them to those speakers with no strings attached.
  7. How Lauren networked at every networking event she could just to be familiar to people.
  8. Why you should never underestimate people and their relationship with their audience.
  9. The power that comes from writing down a goal and telling people about it. Make the goal tangible.
  10. Slip your goal into conversations with people you trust without expectation and with confidence.
  11. What you can do to make yourself recommendable.


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