Exactly How I Made a Huge Splash Relaunching My Podcast

If you were wondering how Lauren made a splash when she relaunched her podcast earlier this year, this is the episode for you.

On today’s REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Lauren offers a behind-the-scenes look at the relaunch of the Real Personal Branding podcast. She managed this feat without fancy equipment or the perfect setting. She emphasizes that anyone can create content regardless of circumstances if armed with a few key strategies.

First, Lauren explains the importance of getting others involved. She shares how she sought input from her audience, involving them in decisions about the podcast's artwork and other crucial aspects. She also delegated tasks to her team, creating excitement behind the scenes.

Next, Lauren shares how she built anticipation for the podcast's relaunch. Instead of keeping it under wraps until launch day, she openly talked about it with friends, colleagues, clients, and mentors. She garnered support from her network by sharing her excitement and explaining why the podcast's return was personally meaningful. She also carefully curated the guests she invited to her show.

Lastly, Lauren encourages listeners to embrace their excitement and passion when promoting their projects. She shares how her enthusiasm for the relaunch resonated with her audience, which resulted in an outpouring of support.

Having genuine enthusiasm and support from your community can make all the difference, and Lauren wants you to know how you can do the same.

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