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Emily Leach Built Her First Conference in 100 Days

Emily Leach, believes that those working for themselves deserve the same respect, access to benefits and opportunities for growth as those working for corporations.

That’s why 6 years ago, she felt CALLED to create #FREECON The Freelance Conference in Austin Texas… but here is the thing… she only had 100 days to put the first one together!

The result was thrilling and Emily knew she had to do it again! So she made it a business.

In this episode, Emily shares:

  • How she prioritizes both making the event profitable while going deep on relationships and experiences
  • How she masterminded with other successful conference organizers
  • What her most important lesson-learned was in the last 6 years, (many conferences don’t last more than 5)
  • And delivers more than a few resources to help you with the experience of YOUR next event.

Pick up tickets to Emily’s virtual conference and stay up to date with when the next #FreeCon live event will take place:


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Check out this episode!

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