Do You Want to Look Successful, or Be Successful? How to love social media again with Stephanie Llewellyn and Lauren V. Davis

What social media metrics should I measure?
How can I make people watch my videos longer?
What risks are worth taking in my business?
Am I afraid of failure or success?

If you've ever asked yourself this question, this episode is for you! 

Today, on the Real Personal Branding podcast, Lauren welcomes guest and content marketing strategist,  Stephanie Llewellyn.

Stephanie is the founder of The Social Vine and in this episode, Stephanie shares her accidental journey of building a personal brand during the pandemic and how it now provides personal branding consulting for top beauty industry businesses. Lauren and Stephanie explore the importance of distinguishing between looking successful and being successful, understanding that success may not always appear lavish on the surface.

You’ll also hear Lauren and Stephanie delve into their own experiences of building personal brands and highlight the significance of cultivating genuine connections with followers, shifting the focus away from follower count and analytics. They explore the power of reframing failure and embracing risks as catalysts for business growth.

You’ll hear Stephanie Llewellyn’s recommendations for personal brand creation, starting by identifying what is important to share and setting clear content expectations, emphasizing the value of setting boundaries and curating social media feeds to ensure an authentic and engaging online presence.

They share tips for creating impactful social media content, such as utilizing visual hooks, mastering video editing, and infusing personality and authenticity.

Lauren and Stephanie challenge the common belief that a team can be 100% neccessary for business success and briefly touch on neurodivergence and its impact on personal and professional lives.

Stephanie finds liberation in realizing that ADHD can be a trauma response rather than a permanent diagnosis. Finally, you’ll hear the evolving challenges of managing burnout and shutting down despite an ability to multitask.

You won’t want to miss Stephanie’s insights into what makes a personal brand unique and how to set yourself apart.

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