Build a Life Around Your Inner Genius with Mike Zeller

Today on THE REAL PERSONAL BRANDING podcast, Lauren’s guest is Mike Zeller. He has founded or partnered in 16+ ventures in five different industries. Collectively, his businesses have done over $100 million in revenue. Mike Zeller has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on six continents, covering all ages and ranges of experience. He’s also mentored some of Hollywood's top voiceover actors, NFL athletes, and other peak-performing executives. He is the author of two books, The Genius Within: Your Natural Pathway to Impact Fulfillment, & Wealth and Twice Born.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  1. What led Mike Zeller down his current path as a mentor to top executives, actors, athletes, and more.
  2. Some of the biggest mistakes people make that keep them from playing in their zone of genius and how he discovered his particular zone of genius.
  3. Why he wrote his new book The Genius Within and what you can learn from what he wrote.
  4. Mike Zeller’s practical first steps to find your own genius zone and how to break away from the things that aren’t bringing positivity to your life.
  5. How you can identify and maximize your most productive--and profitable--times of the day.
  6. The myth about hustle that Mike Zeller wants to debunk when it comes to entrepreneurship.


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