I have always loved being creative. While I was growing up my mom encouraged lots of arts/crafts, and my dad was always working on a “project” whether it be re-painting/wall-papering a room or stripping/refurbishing furniture. The creativity crept into my bones because I was always requiring art supplies for gifts, and sneaking my moms glue gun into my room late at night.

When I was 19, I set out to be a journalist. I met my (now husband) who had just started a boutique & record store called Culture Shock, and I began working full time while attending classes. Before I knew it, I was a natural marketer, designing the Culture Shock’s, along with other area businesses business cards, fliers, and print materials on Microsoft Paint. If you could only see those designs now!

They were comical.

There was a specific day in college when I realized I no longer wanted to be a journalist. I was ADDICTED to marketing for our business, and helping others and began to hone my natural skills.

I immediately took every college art, design, marketing, business class I could get my hands on. The process that went into each project was gratifying beyond anything I had ever felt. It brought me back to my childhood room, glueing, glittering and making wonderful things! I found the best class of all was my real-life-experience in the retail/record industry. It taught me that perception was everything and things, businesses, ideas must all be designed to sell, whether or not that meant for monetary value! It helped me understand my future and current business, and the needs of my potential clients.

In 2010, Lauren Davis Creative was born with the goal in mind to provide organic, observant, inspired, graphic design and marketing for events, entertainment, businesses and individuals.

Over the years, I have developed great business relationships, some that have turned into equally amazing friendships, with clients all over the US. My work ethic is strong and motivated.

I am in love with what I do, and others tell me that it shows. Let me show you what they mean. 

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